Friday, April 07, 2006

those simpsons, they're so clever

I still haven't seen this episode and I still haven't read Gravity's Rainbow but oh, those Simpsons are funny.


R. Arlington, Jr. said...

I tried to have a Gravity's Rainbow reading group with Gabe that one summer. I even made us a schedule and bought the Gravity's Rainbow Companion. Gabe gave up after page 50. LOSER! But I persevered, and it was some sweet action, I assure you. Later I lent my copy to a student who wanted to be my friend. I said, "If you read this book, then we can be friends." Needless to say, we are not friends and I still haven't gotten my book back. AMATEURS!

R. Arlington, Jr. said...

And it just so happens, as I stare down at my chest, that I'm wearing my "I AM THOMAS PYNCHON" shirt right now. I just returned from a night at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, where Dickens and Dr Johnson used to drink. The place burned down in 1666, but was promptly rebuilt in 1667.

Elizabeth said...

1. You know I always like a challenge. Mr. Pynchon, if anything, can be construed as a challenge. I'm really curious about that book. Really, really curious and tad intimidated (but I like that in a book and, um, lots of other things).

2. You are SO CUTE with your Pynhcon self!! I'm totally envious of your drinking digs. That's all I can say. Alcohol where Dickens and co. got wasted? I'd drink heavily to that although I'm afraid I'd pee my pants (maybe I should reconsider that 'drinking heavily' part).