Friday, April 22, 2005

i feel the need for speed (actually, not really)

i feel the need to post something non-catholic church related because... well... i just do. there's this - so i'm a nice queer femme. i like me some butches, genderqueers, transguys. everyone clear? okay then.

but but but, there's this guy at the sub shop where i occasionally get a cheap sandwich at lunch (the jimmy john's on 9th street in downtown minneapolis, for those who care) and honestly, i'm interested. and when i say interested, clearly i mean in "that way."

now, i'm a gold-star girl, i've only kissed two (biological)men in my lifetime (i was 16 and trying really hard to be straight), but that's the end of my sexual experience with the straight boys. but there's something about this solid hipster with the dark hair and the glasses and the nicely broad shoulders that gets me going.

maybe i'm just bored? maybe it's been awhile since i've had some good, attentive, back-scratching lovin'? maybe it's the spring?

in any event, he's cute and i've decided to be okay with that. it's not like i'd ever hit on him, and i sincerely doubt that he'll ever hit on me. it's to be a wee little crush then. that's normal, right?

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