Friday, March 31, 2006

well, shit.

I just wrote the best post ever. Fucking blogger. I'll try to recreate the genius soon, peeps.

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Elizabeth said...

This is perhaps the appropriate time at which to introduce you to the helpful expression "Flah. Whatev."

It has a variety of uses, the most common being a kind of vocal shrug, uttered in response to an irritating occurence that doesn't warrant the expenditure of further precious energy. As in: upon discovering that someone has taken your last tub of precious choccie mousse from the staff refridgerator. In this case, say it whilst raising your hands and giving a barely visible roll of the shoulders, so as to demonstrate nothing more than the slightest hint of frustration, the overwhelming impression being of resigned apathy.

This is the Flah of choice for most of my friends. They are also keen on the truly apathetic utterance, namely: upon discovering that you have just missed the last screening of a film that you had vague intentions of seeing on the basis of a luke-warm review in an untrustworthy journal. This latter Flah is accompanied by little or no movement at all, with slightly raised eyebrows being the only response that the causative event warrants.

I have a further Flah, one which resonates with my constant "Cat in a High Wind" freneticism, namely the Angry Flah. As in, upon describing to your best friend the latest way in which your boss/lecturer/life partner/other boss/third boss/fuck-I-have-too-many-jobs is doing their damnedest to do your head in. The Angry Flah is uttered with force and vigour, and should manifest your total contempt for their respective lame-arse attempts to skuttle your tugboat.

I wouldn't like to play favourites though: they are all such useful additions to the lexicon.