Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year!

Ah, my triumphant return to The Law Firm, L.L.P. today - a truly busy day of personal email, knitting, and finding a therapist. The workload has dried up. Vanished. The first few days were great. I applied to law schools! I knit feverishly! I made lists! Now, I'm stuck in a windowless office on a grey day in Minneapolis with 6.5 hours stretched out in front of me. I'm going to knit, I'm going to have a marathon phone call with Mr. F. (a daily occurrence, actually, that's not contingent on workload or lack thereof. I just like talking to him), and other than that I really don't know what to do. I didn't bring my gym clothes because I was rushing madly this morning to leave the house (an aside - I was only an hour late! When you have no responsibilities or expectations at your job, the start of the workday tends to become somewhat flexible). A truly happy way to start the new year.

And thinking of the new year, I finally made my resolution. I really started making them two years ago when I pledged to see more live music. It kept it on my mind and that year I really did see more live music. Last year it was to see more art, which worked out too. This year's is a tad different - I really want to give myself a monthly breast exam. I think I can do that twelve times a year, right? Also a part of my resolution: encourage my friends to do the same. As far as resolutions go, this one holds way more weight than "I'm so fat!" and that typical shit. Above all else, I am secure in being smugly morally superior to all of my friends. That makes resolutions all worth it, baby.

Coming this week - pictures from my new digital camera! It'll be straight up hardcore knitting porn, chickens little. I can't wait.

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R. Arlington, Jr. said...

Darling, I am totally down with this whole breast exam proposal. I, myself, rather fancy grasping my own bony chest, in prostrate contemplation of some existential crisis or the other, whilst staring decadently into the sky. But let's not be uncharitable. If I meet Jake Gyllenhaal this year, I shall also offer to give him a fumbly perusal, for the sake of good health and hygiene, of course... (P.S. Thank you for the Richmas card! -- I just received it last night, sadly, because the reception office here has been closed since 23 December. Much appreciated: I miss you much!)