Tuesday, August 08, 2006

i appreciate a droll sense of humor

From today's NY Times:

“Why would you want to be in a stable relationship with somebody who is unstable?” asked Ketny Jean-Francois, a never-married 30-something from the Bronx who has supported her 3-year-old son on her unemployment check and food stamps since leaving her job as a security guard a year ago.

Funny, guys.

I'm plum tuckered. Mr. F's single-mom friend dropped off her two kids for the week while she goes to Stergis. They're great kids, super cute and funny, etc etc. Is it petty of me to be slightly jealous of them, though? Mr. F is resolutely determined to give them The Best Week Ever. Here's what he wants to do in six days with a three-year-old and a six-year-old:

The Park at the Mall of America
Underwater World (MoA again)
The Children's Museum
St. Paul Saints game
Drive-in Movie
Swimming every day at the apartment (excepting the waterpark day)

Pray for me. I'm tired just thinking about it.

OKC: I've been reading Barbara G. Walker's Knitting from the Top. That woman is such a beast!! Brilliant, insightful, helpful. She's the sort of author that 1) I wish was my aunt and 2) I wonder what her voice sounds like. Vive Barbara Walker!

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R. Arlington, Jr. said...

I love you! -- so glad you're back and back on the blog, too. I'm off to New York to stay with Golchehreh the night. You need to join MySpace: it's not just for teenagers and sex perverts anymore, you know. Then you can understand the MySpace drama that's been happening to me this week...