Tuesday, May 03, 2005

i'd rather have continuous heart attacks than not knit.

these past few weeks have been particularly knitting intensive for me. i'm trying to finish up a surprise gift for a friend, and getting ready to start up a baby sweater for a pregnant friend at work. i also have heroic plans to decrease my stash, but that's in the distant future.

however, i thought that with all my knitting and typing at work i had pinched a nerve. my left arm was all annoyingly tingly. when it got to the point i couldn't ignore it anymore, i asked my mom (an np), "yo, mom, i think i either pinched a nerve in my left arm or i'm having constant heart attacks. what's going on?"

my mom played around with my arm and asked how much i've been knitting lately. i got all red and flustered... "um, a lot?" i told her.

she gave me a BIG eyeroll, "elizabeth, you're giving yourself TENDINITIS. stop knitting."

i told her that i'd rather have incessant heart attacks.

but now that i've given my hands a few days off, i'm diving back into the fray tonight. someday i'll have a digital camera to post my knitting victories, but when i'm done with my surprise gift i'll post the pic and the site where i found the pattern. it's lovely, i'm proud of myself!

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